First Birthday Tableware

Celebrating a birthday milestone is a big deal so decorate in style with our Clearance First Birthday Tableware themes. Your child's 1st birthday is an important marker in their life. This event marks their first year of life and all the growth and progress your infant has made in that time. Many baby tableware designs fit in with a juvenile them like cartoon animals or images of newborns. Color schemes like baby pink and light blue are also used to evoke the classic infant party look.

  • Baby Animals Dinner Plates (8-pack)

    Baby Animals Dinner Plates (8-pack)

    MSRP: $4.50 Clearance Price: $0.99
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  • Cupcake 1st Birthday Girl Beverage Napkins (36-pack)

    Cupcake 1st Birthday Girl Beverage Napkins (36-pack)

    MSRP: $3.65 Clearance Price: $1.49
    In Stock
  • Cupcake 1st Birthday Girl Cups (18-pack)

    Cupcake 1st Birthday Girl Cups (18-pack)

    MSRP: $3.09 Clearance Price: $1.49
    In Stock
  • Tiny Bundle Table Cover (Each)

    Tiny Bundle Table Cover (Each)

    MSRP: $4.99 Clearance Price: $2.49
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  • Baby birthday tableware features animals and cute patterns, but it can also feature designs that will be loved by the adult guests at your child's birthday. Generic 1st birthday messages are printed on many paper goods patterns, which makes them a perfect match for a baby birthday party with friends and family members.

    Chances are your child will not remember their first birthday party or the decorations used, so you might as well pick a theme that you think will be cute and memorable. Patterns with a baby image or designs that feature a large number 1 on them are perfect items for your party. Discount tableware lets you make sure there are plenty of plates and cups for your grown up guests without spending more than you want. You may want to stock up on generic baby party goods for other events like a toddler birthday or baby shower. Themes that do not have a first birthday message can be used for other events as well!

    Greet your child's first birthday without breaking the bank thanks to our clearance 1st birthday party supplies and tableware.