If you want your party decorations to be lighter than air without lightening your wallet our Clearance Balloons are a great option for your birthday planning needs. There is no reason a few inflatable items should take up your entire party planning budget. Mylar balloons and latex designs are all great choices for party decorations, and these prices you will be saving some serious dough. Generic birthday designs like birthday cakes, stripes, and swirls can be added to virtually any party theme. Some inflatables are more specific to certain themes. We carry plenty of themed balloon options including animals, superheroes, princesses, and decade looks. Match your choice of cheap balloons to the rest of your theme for a great party decoration setup that won't break the bank.


Birthday balloons are a great way to make your guest of honor feel special. Surprise the birthday boy or girl on the morning of their party with a balloon bouquet full of foil and latex designs. A matching cluster of balloons can also make a great addition to your decor. Set groups of Mylar and latex balloons by your food table at a party or tie them off to a balloon weight near the entrance to your event to brighten up your atmosphere. When prices are this low, it is easy to get plenty of balloons to make a unique balloon arrangement. Center your arrangement around a theme balloon of large Mylar design to create a decoration for your party that will really pop.

These prices will not last forever and supplies are limited. Get your cheap balloon decorations now before they float away!