Novelty Items

If you are throwing a bash for a sexagenarian, then you should purchase our Novelty Items for a 60th Birthday Party. Approaching this milestone age should be fun, which is we have assembled a number of items that will bring some additional laughter to your celebration. Give them to guests or to the honoree or use them to decorate your party space. We have playful caution tabletop decorations that warn about a senior zone; put one on each table. Have the guest of honor wear our cautionary safety vest and put up some crime scene tape around the honoree's seat. If this is a family event and kids are invited, then you should have a 60 pinata to keep the young ones occupied. You can even hang a pinata at an adults-only event and give everyone a chance to relive their childhoods.


Candy is essential at a birthday bash, even for a sexagenarian. A playful choice is our lollipops in wrappers that read "60 sucks." You might want to have a 50's themed party to celebrate the decade the guest of honor was born. Have the women dress in poodle skirts and the men in leather jackets. Or you can have a hippie theme to celebrate the honorees high school years. We have everything you need to throw the ultimate celebration, including themed tableware, decorations, balloons and invitations. Make sure your browse through all our 60th birthday categories.

Let our 60th Birthday Party Novelty Items be the finishing touches for your milestone bash.