Themed Tableware

The days of fun parties at home with colorful accessories is hardly a thing of the past. You may enjoy those lively parties once more by celebrating your new milestone. The 50th Birthday Themed Tableware items include several different colorful themes to get your birthday off on the right foot. One of the most popular themes is the dots and stripes one which features a border on both ends, one decorated in multicolored dots and the other in stripes. This theme is remarkably reminiscent of birthday themes from an early childhood, and why shouldn't they be? Fifty may seem like a big number to single digit people, but you know that you're just a kid in an adult's body.

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This cute theme will absolutely liven up your party and send a positive message to all the guests. Other themes take a different approach to the celebration, such as the theme that makes a joke at how incredible this milestone is. The square plates and complementary items in this theme feature a grawlix to filter out the profane word that expresses surprise over your age. This theme is a fun jab at getting older and great if you're the type who isn't easily distraught over your advancing years.

Sit family and friends down at the table and make a toast to your well being. With good fortune on your side, you may yet see the grawlix a few more times.