Novelty Items

They say the novelty wears off after awhile, but now that your friend or loved one is turning thirty, we've got just the thing to bring the novelty back. Check out our awesome selection of 30th birthday party novelty items and spice up your next big celebration. Be sure to get something that the guest of honor will enjoy because he or she has reached the age where feelings of joy are few and far between.


Our wide variety of novelty items includes colorful party hats, festive glow sticks, and fun party blowers. We also have joke trophies for being "old," as well as other props that make fun of the guest of honor's age. For example, our collection features a caution sign, "over the hill" safety equipment, fake lingerie, and a set of dice that will help you make daily decisions. The funny part about the dice is that they encourage whiny and lethargic behavior – exactly what you would expect from somebody who is tired of aging.

Just because we are getting older doesn't mean we can't have fun and appreciate silly novelty items. Sometimes, we have to be able to laugh at ourselves to truly be happy. We must be comfortable in our own skin and acknowledge the fact that we will never be younger than we are at this very moment. Everybody has to get old at some point, and thirty isn't even that old. (This is why we also have lollipops and other candy on our site.)

So help your friend or loved one accept the fact that he or she is aging along with the rest of us, and check out our novelty items today!