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Herd of Zebras

Herd of Zebras

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Your zebra party guests will have a blast herding the 'zebras" into their pens! In this exciting zebra party game, guests will race to herd zebra balloons into their goal before the other team.

What You'll Need:

  • with zebra stripes drawn on them
  • Markers
  • Masking tape

Before the Party:

Mark off two goal 'pens" with the masking tape on the floor and inflate your zebra balloons.

At the Party:
  1. Place all the zebra balloons in the center of the play area.
  2. Separate your zebra party guests into 2 teams. Start each team within their pen.
  3. At the starting signal, have one player from each team attempt to herd a zebra balloon from the center of the play area back to their pen only by blowing on it.
  4. Once the 1st player successfully retrieves a balloon from the center, send out the 2nd player to bring back a second zebra balloon. Continue until all the balloons are gone from the center of the field.
  5. The team with the most balloons in their pen is the winner! You may award small prizes to the winning team or award everyone a participation prize.