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Wrestling Balloon Challenge

WWE balloons
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Let your WWE party guests show off their wrestling moves with this fun WWE party game than can be played indoors our outside!

What You'll Need:
  • Balloons
  • A grassy area or a padded indoor space
  • Rope or streamers
  • Chairs or other posts
  • A stopwatch

How to play:
  • Set up a wrestling arena using 4 chairs or other steady posts as the corners of your ring. Use streamers to create the ropes.

  • Fill as many balloons as you can scrounge up with air and place them in the center of the ring. If you're playing this game outside, fill the balloons with water for wet summertime fun!

  • Let guests pick their own wrestling names and announce them as they enter the ring. Give guests turns popping as many balloons as they can within 20 seconds. Players should stay within the bounds of the ring.

  • Record each guest's balloon popping score and award the player with the highest score a small prize. You can play several rounds if you have balloons to spare once everyone has had a turn.