The House Began to Pitch

The House Began to Pitch

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What You'll Need:

  • A large cardboard appliance box
  • Strong scissors or a box cutter
  • A staple gun or duct tape
  • Paint (optional)
  • Wizard of Oz music and music player

  1. Turn the cardboard box upside down and cut two doorway flaps with scissors or a box cutter (adults only!). The flaps should be on opposite sides.
  2. Pull the two flaps up to form a roof. Staple or tape them in place.
  3. Paint the box to look like Dorothy's farmhouse!

At the Party:
  1. Line the children up in a single file in front of the farmhouse.
  2. Have a music player within arm's reach.
  3. When the music starts, the first child crawls through the opening and out the other side.
  4. Once the child is completely through, the next child does the same.
  5. Ask an adult helper to rock the house back and forth gently while the children crawl through for a tornado effect.
  6. Pause the music. Whoever is inside the house when the music pauses is "caught" by the storm and is now out. If you like, you can give each child who's caught a small prize or sticker.
  7. Continue playing and pausing the music until one person is left outside the house. The last one outside the house wins!