Unicorn Mane Races

Unicorn Mane Races

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What You'll Need:

  • Copies of our Unicorn Print-Outs (Unicorn 1 and Unicorn 2)
  • Masking Tape
  • A Variety of Colorful Streamers


Cut a 1' - 2' length of streamer for each child, and attach a piece of looped tape to the end of each. Download and print 1 copy of each of our Unicorn Printouts.

Choose a playing area, indoors or outdoors, with 20' - 30' of running space. Use masking tape to mark a starting line 15' - 25' away from a wall, a tree, or another object. (You will hang the unicorn pictures on this surface area.)

At the Party:

Hang the unicorn pictures on a tree or wall running distance (15' - 25') away from the starting line.

Divide the children into two equal teams. Explain that the object is to be the first team to attach all of the colored streamers to its unicorn picture, forming the unicorn's rainbow mane. Have each team form a line, one behind the other, beginning at the starting line. Hand each child a streamer.

When you say, "Go!" the first child from each team runs with their streamer and attaches it to the unicorn's mane. The players run back to tag the next teammate in each line. Those players then run to the unicorns and attach their streamers. Play continues until one team has all of their streamers in place, forming a complete unicorn's mane. Award a small prize to the winning team.