Easter Egg Hunt Tips

Photo of a Girl with an Easter Basket.

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You Will Need:

  • Colored or plastic Easter eggs
  • Easter baskets or favor boxes
  • Small prizes
  • Lots of hiding spaces
  • Paper, scissors, pencil and marker
  • Small prizes to go inside eggs or Easter baskets
Easter Egg hunt Tips:

  • Taking Turns: Let younger kids search for eggs first before sending out older kids. Hide the eggs for older kids in tougher-to-find spots.
  • Color Coding: Designate a different color of eggs for younger and older children. Put older kids' eggs in trickier hiding places. Assign each child their own color of egg to avoid arguments over who got more or better egg prizes.
  • Clue Scavenger Hunt: Instead of hiding treats inside plastic Easter eggs, hide clues that will lead to an Easter basket or Easter favor set. Assign each guest one color egg. Write a message for each egg hunter like, 'Your basket is in the garage by a rake," and cut out each word to hide in a separate egg. Once all the eggs have been found, have the player unscramble the message to find the location of their prize!

    Alternatively, number each set of colored eggs from 1 to 5. Hide the Easter basket and write the location of the Easter basket inside egg 5. Hide egg 5 and write the location of egg 5 in egg 4. Continue in this fashion until you get to egg 1 and then give egg 1 to the player to start the hunt.