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Find the Chameleon

Find the Chameleon

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Everyone loves hide and seek, especially Pascal the chameleon from Disney's Tangled! Let's find out who's the best chameleon at your party! This game can be played inside or outside.

At the Party:

  1. Make sure you tell everyone about any areas that the children are not allowed to hide. If you are playing outside, make sure there are several adults watching the game.
  2. Choose one person to be Pascal first (they will be the one hiding).
  3. Instruct everyone except Pascal to close their eyes and count to 30.
  4. While everyone is counting, Pascal must hide.
  5. Once the children count to 30, they must say "Ready or not, Pascal, here we come!"
  6. The children can spread out to find Pascal.
  7. The first person to find Pascal's hiding spot gets to become the chameleon in the next round.
  8. Continue playing until everyone or most of the children have had a turn to hide.