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Kryptonite Hot Potato

Kryptonite Hot Potato

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What You'll Need:

  • A Green Ball or Wadded Green Paper
  • A CD Player or Boom Box
  • A CD of Children's Music or Superhero Theme Songs

At the Party:

Have the children sit in a circle, almost shoulder to shoulder. Explain to the children that Superman was a superhero who had amazing powers and abilities, but that his one weakness was Kryptonite. If he got too close to it, he lost all of his powers. Hold out the green ball, showing everyone the "Kryptonite." Tell the children that they will all pretend to be Superman, and that they must get rid of the Kryptonite by passing it to the next player as fast as possible.

Start the music, and hand the Kryptonite to someone in the circle. As the music plays, the children must pass the Kryptonite as fast as possible. Stop the music randomly. Whoever has the Kryptonite when the music stops becomes powerless and must sit outside of the circle. Keep playing until only one player is left.

Variation for Younger Children:

Competitive games can upset younger children at times. If you have younger guests attending your party, consider setting up a special spot outside of the circle called "Superman's Planet," and have the children "fly" to this spot to "recharge their powers" when they get caught with the Kryptonite. To reinforce that this is a game in which everyone's a winner, award a small prize, such as a sticker, to each child as they leave the circle.

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