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Kryptonite Cave

Kryptonite Cave

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What You'll Need:

  • A Large Cardboard Box (such as an appliance box)
  • An X-Acto Knife or Scissors
  • Duct or Masking Tape
  • Green Paint or Markers
  • A Colored Light Bulb (optional)
  • A CD Player or Boom Box
  • A CD of Children's Music


Before the party, roughly cut openings on either side of a large appliance box (i.e. big enough for a child to crawl through). Take the pieces of cardboard you cut out, and affix them to the top of the box above the openings. Paint the box to look like a cave with neon green kryptonite on the outside. If you wish, you can also cut a small, circular hole on one side of the box, and set a green light bulb or a black light nearby so that it shines through to the inside, illuminating the cave. (Just be careful to place the light bulb in a spot that's out of the way so it won't break!) Additionally, you can make a sign that reads, "DANGER! KRYPTONITE!" and place over the box's entrance.

At the Party:

Position someone at a radio or tape player to stop the music periodically. Line the children up, one behind the other, in front of the cave. When the music starts, the first child crawls or walks through the opening and out the other side. The next child in line follows. This continues until the music is randomly stopped. The child who is in the cave when the music stops is caught.

For Younger Children... Since younger children may not be able to handle competitive games, ensure that every child gets caught in the cave at some point so that everyone wins. This will require the adult playing the music to pay attention to who's gotten caught already so he or she can stop the music at appropriate intervals. You may wish to give each child who is caught a sticker or other small prize.

For Older Children... The child who is caught is out of the game until the next round. Play continues until all of the children except one are out. The remaining child is the winner.

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