Summertime Obstacle Course

Summertime Obstacle Course

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Before the Party:

Collect a variety of large items to use for the obstacle course such as bean bags, tires, empty boxes and large toys. Avoid metal items or anything with rough edges so guests will not be hurt if they fall.

A piece of lumber set on the ground can become a balance beam, and short bushes in your yard can be used as hurdles to jump over. Create a tunnel for the children to crawl through by cutting holes on two sides of a large cardboard box. Lay a yoga mat on the ground and have the guests somersault from one end to the other. Another fun obstacle is to throw a ball through a hula hoop that you have hung from a tree branch.

Include some water obstacles such as jumping through a sprinkler, hopping through a wading pool, or running with a bucket of water. For even more fun, you can tie a rope to a strong tree branch with a wading pool full of water on the ground below to create a vine over a river. Set a toy crocodile or tiger on the edge of the wading pool, and have the children swing over the water.

Lay out the obstacles in your yard with some empty space between each one. Try to include items to step on, jump over, and run around. The course can be laid out in a straight line or curved, if that is a better fit in the available space. If you like, make a 'Start" and 'Finish" sign for your obstacle course.

At the Party:

Send the guests one at a time through the obstacle course. They should move through the course as fast as they can! When everyone has had a turn, be ready to start again, because the kids will probably want to run the course several times! Older children may want you to time them as they run through the course.