Lightsaber Balloon Training

Lightsaber Balloon Training

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What You Will Need:

  • 1 black or red balloon for each guest
  • 1 long skinny, 260 twisting balloon or per guest
  • A music player
  • The song "Duel of the Fates" and other music from Star Wars by John Williams

  1. Blow up all of the round balloons but do not use helium.
  2. Inflate the 260 twisting balloons and tie to create balloon lightsabers. You may also choose to use the and send your guests home with them as favors after the party.

At the Party:
  1. Give each guest a round balloon and a lightsaber shaped balloon
  2. Ask everyone to spread out.
  3. Choose one child to be Yoda.
  4. Start playing the music.
  5. When you say "go" ask everyone to hit their round balloon into the air with the lightsaber balloon.
  6. The children should try to keep one round balloon in the air as long as possible by hitting it with their lightsaber.
  7. This means they can hit any of the balloons in the air, not just the one they started with.
  8. If one of the balloons drops to the floor, a player can try to "steal" another person's balloon by hitting it with their lightsaber.
  9. If the child who is Yoda catches anyone without a balloon he can tap them on the shoulder.
  10. Anyone Yoda taps on the shoulder is out and must sit down.
  11. The last child left who is still hitting a balloon has completed their jedi training and wins the game!
  12. The winner of each round can be Yoda in the next round.

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