Pop Goes The Planet

Pop Goes The Planet

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What You'll Need:

  • Several Balloons (one for each child)
  • Two Magnifying Glasses
  • Tape


Tie or tape several balloons to a wall or fence outside. They should each be about 1'–2' off the ground, 1'–2' apart, and within view of the sun by the time the party starts.

At the Party:
  1. Give two children one magnifying glass each.
  2. Demonstrate how to position the magnifying glasses to capture the sun's rays, which will heat a spot on the balloons and make them pop.
  3. A bright spot will appear on the surface of each balloon just before it pops.
  4. Start the contest.
  5. The first person to pop his/her balloon wins.
  6. Give the winner a small prize, and let the next two guests go.
  7. Repeat until everyone has had a chance to pop a balloon.