Martian Cake Hunt

Martian Cake Hunt

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What You'll Need:

  • Several Sheets of Paper Cut into Circle and Star Shapes
  • A Pen or Marker

  1. Write out clues on the planet- and star-shaped pieces of paper.
  2. Using the samples below or your own ideas, write a clue that leads to a location on each piece of paper.
  3. If preschoolers are participating, you will have to either find a helper to assist them with reading the clues or draw pictures of the locations of subsequent clues.
  4. Hide all clues in the appropriate spots, starting with the last clue and working backwards.
  5. Place the cake out of sight, and bring it out just before the children arrive at the last clue. (Ideally, the last clue should take them to the cake table.)

Sample Clues:
  1. The cake is missing! It's hidden from view. If you want your dessert, then here's what to do: Follow the clues, they'll lead you to more; to find your next clue, look by the front door.
  2. It's a clue that you want, a clue you expect, so look by the steps that lead to the deck.
  3. You'll have a clue to keep and to hold, if you go to the place where you keep the food cold.
  4. Quick as a wink, look by the sink!
  5. As fast as you can, there's no time to slouch, go find your next clue by the living room couch.
  6. In the front yard, you'll find an oak tree; if you look all around, it's a clue you will see.
  7. It's a clue that you want, a clue that you seek. Go to the grill, and take a peek.
  8. Seek and Search, peek and snoop; look very carefully by the basketball hoop.
  9. The next clue is simple-it's not hard at all; look near the closet in the front hall.
  10. A clue, a clue-now where can one be? I think there's one hidden near the TV.
  11. The next clue is easy, it's in the bag, but only if you look outside by the flag.
  12. Can't find it yet? Try by the television set.
  13. You've reached the last clue, it's dessert you deserve; on the deck you will find the cake ready to serve!

At the Party:

Have someone appear with the first clue and tell the guests that you just received word that Martians have stolen the cake. It's up to them to follow the clues to find it!