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Jokey Smurf's Gift Swap

Jokey Smurf's Gift Swap

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In the Smurfs cartoons from the 80s, Jokey Smurf is known to give exploding boxes to his friends. Who knows why the other Smurfs always open the boxes! Anyway, this game will give you an opportunity to pass out silly prizes to each guest to take home. Some good examples of gag gifts for kids are whoopee cushions, fake gum, fake money, silly putty or goop, and silly lollipops.

What You'll Need:

  • One small gift box for every child
  • One or two gag gifts for every child (see examples above)
  • Yellow wrapping paper
  • Red bows
  • A ball
  • A music player
  • Music (a Smurf song is ideal)

  1. Place one or two gag gifts in each gift box and wrap each one.
  2. To make the boxes look like the ones Jokey Smurf uses, wrap the gifts with yellow wrapping paper and red bows.

How to Play the Game:
  1. Have the music ready to start and ask the children to sit in a circle.
  2. Place all the wrapped gifts in the center of the circle.
  3. When you start the music, the children should start passing the ball around the circle.
  4. When you pause the music, the child holding the ball is out, but gets to pick a present from the pile to keep.
  5. Ask the child to open their gag gift in front of everyone so they can have a good laugh.
  6. Start and pause the music until everyone has won a gift.
  7. If they'd like, the children can trade gifts with each other.

Note: Be sure to wait a little while before pausing the music each time. This will build the tension and make the game more exciting to play.

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