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Hunt for Smurf Berries

Hunt for Smurf Berries

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What You'll Need:

  • 3–5 red or blue plastic eggs for each player
  • A small prize to put in each egg (we suggest candy, stickers, rings, temporary tattoos or small figurines)
  • Favor bags
  • A permanent marker

  1. Write each player's name on 3-5 different plastic eggs using permanent marker.
  2. If the children are too young to read you can draw shapes on the eggs instead.
  3. Place one prize in every plastic egg. Make sure each child gets a variety of prizes.
  4. Hide all the eggs in the party area.
  5. You can hide them in harder places for older children or make it obvious for younger children.

At the Party:
  1. Hand each child a favor bag and tell them to search for the Smurfberries with their name (or shape)
  2. If a child finishes finding their eggs early, have them help their friends complete the hunt or trade prizes with their friends.

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