Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

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Hide several prizes either indoors or outdoors. You can use all different items-such as small toys or different candies-or items that are all the same-such as gold-wrapped chocolate coins. Write out a list of clues to help your guests find the hidden prizes, and print enough copies so that each child can have his or her own list. Or, for a more challenging hunt, skip the list of clues.

At the Party:

Ask the group if they would like to work alone or in groups of two. (Take a vote, if necessary.) If you have prepared a list of clues, pass out copies (one per child or one per group). If there is no list, be sure to give the children a description of the prize(s), and tell them exactly how many you have hidden. See if they can find all of the prizes within a certain time limit and/or reward the child or group that finds the most prizes during the course of the party.

There are many variations of this game from which to choose; be creative, and play a different way every time!

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