Feed the Cat

Feed the Cat

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What You'll Need:

  • Large bags of plain popcorn (plain is less messy)
  • Two small trash cans or buckets that are equal in size (use three if you have a lot of party guests)
  • Construction paper, markers and tape


Using the picture on the right as a reference, decorate the trash cans to look like an orange cat with construction paper, markers and tape. If you have orange trash cans, even better!

At the Party:
  1. Divide the children into even teams of two or three and have each team stand in a single file line, one behind the other.
  2. Place a large bag of popcorn in front of each team.
  3. Place one cat trashcan about 20 feet away from each team.
  4. When you say "go" using only one hand, the first children in line must run over to the trashcan and dump a handful of popcorn in and run back.
  5. Then, the next person in line grabs a handful of popcorn, feeds it to "the cat," and then runs back.
  6. The first team to fill the trashcan with popcorn over the cat's eyes wins!
  7. The best part is, most of the mess is already in the trash can at the end of the game!