What Time Is It, Mr. Shark?

What Time Is It, Mr. Shark?

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The goal of the game is to follow a course invented by the leader, or "Mr. Shark," until "dinner time." At dinner time, the players try to run back to base without being tagged by Mr. Shark.

At the Party:

  1. Select a tree or other spot to be the base.
  2. Select one player to be Mr. Shark (the birthday child can start).
  3. All of the other players should line up, single file, behind Mr. Shark.
  4. Once everyone is lined up, the leader starts walking and everyone follows. The leader invents a course with actions such as hopping on one foot for 15 feet, climbing over a tree stump, etc.
  5. As the players go through the leader's course, they should keep asking him/her "What time is it?"
  6. Mr. Shark can answer however he/she wants, calling out times like "One O'clock" or "Two O'clock."
  7. When the leader finally decides to respond with "Dinner Time!" the other players turn and run back to base.
  8. Mr. Shark chases the others, trying to tag a player.
  9. The first player tagged becomes the leader for the next round.

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