Over the Ocean

Over the Ocean

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Mark a 6'–7' square area on the grass or carpet. (Masking tape works well indoors.)

At the Party:

  1. Divide the children evenly into 2 or 3 teams.

  2. Then, divide each team in half, and have each half line up on either side of the playing area facing their teammates.

  3. Hand the first player of each team two paper plates or squares of cardboard.

  4. When you say "Go," the first member of each team places a plate or cardboard square onto the "ocean" playing area and steps onto it.

  5. Each player then sets the second plate or square down and moves to that one, being careful not to step in the shark-filled "ocean."

  6. Players then reach back and pick up the first plate or square from behind them and place it in front.

  7. The children continue in this fashion until they reach the other side.

  8. The first player on the other side then makes his/her way back to the starting side the same way.

  9. Play continues until one team has successfully crossed the "ocean."