Big Bird's Balloon Game

Big Bird's Balloon Game

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You will need colored balloons and washable markers. Before the party, blow up the balloons and tie them closed. Include red balloons for Elmo, blue balloons for Cookie Monster, pink balloons for Abby Cadabby, and yellow balloons for Big Bird.

How to Play:

Give each child a balloon that is already blown up. Have the children turn their balloons into their favorite Sesame Street character by drawing funny faces on the balloons with markers.

To start the game, have the children stand in a circle while holding their balloon. Then, when you yell "Go!" the children throw their balloons in the air. They must keep their balloons in the air for as long as possible by batting at them with their hands, heads, knees, feet, etc. Do not eliminate anyone from the game if their balloon touches the ground, since that may lead to tears from younger guests. Instead of declaring a winner, you can simply tell the children who kept their balloon in the air the longest. Be sure to announce that everyone did a great job playing Big Bird's Balloon game!

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