Pirate Ghost!

Pirate Ghost!

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This game is best played outside or in a large open area (like a gymnasium or community center). If playing outside, be sure to tell the children where the boundaries are located. If you need to, set up cones or rope to designate the out of bounds area.

At the Party:

  1. Randomly choose a child to be "it." This person is called the "Pirate Ghost."
  2. Instruct the rest of the children to spread out in the playing field.
  3. The Pirate Ghost must tag all of the players.
  4. If someone is tagged, they must point and call out "Puh, puh, puh Pirate Ghost!"
  5. The person tagged must then freeze in place. They are now "out."
  6. The last person the Pirate Ghost tags is the winner and gets to be the Pirate Ghost in the next round.
  7. Play several rounds of this game for the children to enjoy.

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