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Extreme Soap Toss

Extreme Soap Toss

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What You'll Need:

  • 1 bar of soap for every 2 players
  • A bowl of water
  • Hand towels

At the Party:
  1. Divide your guests into teams of two.
  2. Instruct each team member to stand about 1-foot from each other.
  3. Give each team one wet bar of soap.
  4. Instruct the children that when you say "go," the child holding the bar of soap should carefully toss the soap to their partner.
  5. If the soap drops at any time, that pair is out.
  6. Instruct all the remaining players to take a big step back. The pairs should be about 2 feet apart now.
  7. The children should commence tossing their wet soap back and forth with their partner.
  8. The same rules apply, if the soap drops, that pair is out and each remaining team takes another big step back.
  9. Children who are out can blow bubbles while the other players continue to compete.
  10. Continue until one pair remains and are declared the winners!