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Super Stage Show

Super Stage Show

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Performing their favorite songs can be very popular with preteens and teens. Choose one or two of the ideas below to get started, or plan your entire party around this theme! Just make sure to let your guests know in advance that they can perform in groups, they can lip sync to the songs, or they can choose NOT to perform at all. Shy guests will be more likely to attend if they know they have these options, so we suggest including this information on the invitations.

  1. Get started by using our personalized bag tags as 'Backstage Passes" and giving one to each guest as they arrive. (We can print a tag for each of your guests that says '[guest name]'s Backstage Pass" or put a generic message on all of the tags you order.)
  2. Then, send your guests to the "dressing room" area so they can 'glam" themselves up before the show using glitter hair spray, hair gel, stick-on body jewels, and temporary tattoos.
  3. For older kids, add makeup and body glitter to the assortment of adornments in the dressing room. Include a selection of feather boas and inexpensive jewelry to complete their looks, too! (As an alternative, you can invite your guests to come to the party dressed as their favorite music stars.)
  4. Once your starlets are dressed for their premier concert, gather them in the stage area.
  5. Then, let each guest perform his or her favorite song in front of the group.
  6. The kids can lip sync or sing along while you play their chosen songs.
  7. If you can borrow or rent a karaoke machine, this activity will be even more fun!
  8. During the concert, allow the kids to work in duets or groups to accommodate any shy guests.
  9. Any kids who don't want to sing can be an announcer, handle the CDs, or be backup dancers. Let them participate in whatever way they feel comfortable!
  10. For added fun, have someone hold up an 'Applause" sign after each performance.
  11. You can also use your computer to make certificates for winners in different categories, like Super Stage Presence, Great Vocals, Kickin' Choreography, Awesome Costume, Funniest Act, etc. If you do this, don't let your guests be judges. Even the greatest kids can accidentally hurt someone's feelings, and you want everyone to feel like a star!

Check out our other Rock Star Party games and activities to complete your party plan. If any activity ends sooner than you expected, it's always helpful to have more games ready to fill the time!

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