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Robot Assembly Relay Race

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What you Need:

  • Nut and bolt combinations so that each guest will have one nut and one bolt. Make sure that all of these are the same size, for example all 3/4 inch.
  • Several additional nuts of varying sizes. Make sure that none of these are the same size you purchased for the guests. In our example, none of the additional bolts will be 3/4 inch.

At the Party:
  1. Divide the guests into two teams and line them up.
  2. Hand each guest a nut and bolt combination. Show them how to remove the nut.
  3. Have each member of the first team drop their nut into a bowl.
  4. Use a second bowl for each member of the second team. Place the two bowls approximately ten feet away from each team.
  5. Drop a handful of the extra, wrong-size bolts into each bowl.
  6. When you say, 'Go," the first member of each team must run down to the bowl, and try the different nuts until he/she gets one that fits.
  7. When the player re-unites the nut and bolt, he/she must run back and tag the next player in line, who in turn runs down to the bowl.
  8. The first team to put all its nuts and bolts back together wins.

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