Sweet Shoppe Bingo

Sweet Shoppe Bingo Cards

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Sweet Shoppe Bingo is just like regular bingo except instead of calling out numbers, you will call out the names of candy and other treats. Children use hard candy to cover the pictures they have on their cards. The first person to match five-in-a-row up, down or diagonally wins a prize!

What You'll Need:

  • Our Sweet Shoppe Bingo Cards (file includes 16 bingo cards, 25 picture cards and directions)
  • Small wrapped hard candy to use as counters (20 pieces per child)
  • Plastic sandwich bags
  • A paper bag
  • 1 small prize for each round of bingo you intend to play

  1. Print out the 16 Sweet Shoppe Bingo Cards and the 25 picture cards using a color printer. There are two bingo cards on each sheet of paper.
  2. Cut the picture cards out and mix them up in a paper bag.
  3. Prepare the counters by placing 20 pieces of candy in each plastic bag.

At the Party:
  1. Give each child a bingo card and a bag full of candy.
  2. Instruct the children not to eat the candy. Instead, they can begin the game by covering the free space on their card with a piece the candy.
  3. To play: Draw one picture card from the bag and read its name out loud (for example "gumballs") and ask the children to cover the matching image on their bingo card with a hard candy. Show your guests the picture you picked to be sure everyone sees it before moving on.
  4. As you discard each picture card, place them in your pocket or set them some place safe.
  5. Keep picking cards until someone calls "bingo!" Use the discard pile as a reference to make sure that the winner has covered the correct pictures.
  6. To begin a second round of bingo, place all the picture cards back in the bag and instruct the children to clear their cards (except free space). Continue play as before.
  7. Play until you run out of prizes or time runs out.
  8. Allow all the children to keep their bags of hard candy.
  9. The best part about this is game is that you can reuse the cards as many times as you'd like!

Please note that small candy can be a choking hazard. Use your best judgement when playing this game with small children.