Cinderella's Slipper Search

Cinderella's Slipper Search

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What You'll Need:

  • A Pair of Slippers or High-Heeled Shoes
  • Paper
  • A Pen or Marker


Write clues (some suggestions follow) on scraps of paper. Work backwards, leaving clues at each location listed on the previous clue. Hide one of the "slippers" at the destination to which the clues lead.

Sample Clues:
  • It's a clue that you want, a clue you expect,
    so look by the steps that lead to the deck.
  • You'll have a clue to keep and to hold,
    if you go to the place where you keep food cold.
  • Now quick as a wink, look by the sink!
  • As fast as you can, there's no time to slouch,
    you'll find your next clue by the living room couch.
  • It's a clue that you want, a clue that you seek.
    so go to the grill, and take a peek.
  • Seek and Search, peek and snoop,
    look very carefully by the basketball hoop.
  • The next clue is simple, it's not hard at all;
    look near the closet in the front hall.
  • A clue, a clue, now where can one be?
    I think there's one hidden near the TV.
  • It's not a trick, it's not a trap,
    Just look where you give your food a zap!

At the Party:
  1. Have someone appear with the matching "slipper" and an urgent note from the "Fairy Godmother" which says that, in order to go to the ball, the children must locate the missing slipper.
  2. Read the children the first clue, then let them follow the clues until they get to the slipper.
  3. You may want to have play dresses and old gowns where the shoe is hidden so that the children can play dress up for the ball!

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