Plant a Kiss on the Rock Star

Kiss a Rock-Star
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Do you have a Belieber in your house? Love One Direction? This rock star party game is a ton of fun for preteen and teen girls! Now's your chance to plant a smooch on the singer of your dreams!

What You'll Need:
  • A large sheet of butcher paper or a poster of your favorite singer
  • Markers or paint
  • Construction paper
  • Tape
  • A blindfold

Before the Party:

  • Draw Justin on the butcher paper with markers or paint. You can also use a poster of Justin. Make sure his face is large and clearly visible his lips will be the target for the game!

  • Cut the shape of a lips out of construction paper and make enough for each guest. Number/name each or decorate them differently so you can keep track of who used each kiss game piece. Attach tape to the back of the lips. You can also use lip stickers if you would like.

  • Hang your pop star poster at arm height for your guests.

At the Party:

  1. Give each child a lip cutout game piece.

  2. Blindfold the 1st player and have them try to pin their lip cutout in the correct place on the poster, right on the lips!

  3. Guests should leave their game piece in the first place they touch on the poster. Do not let players feel around on the poster!