Treasure Cake Hunt

Treasure Cake Hunt

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What You'll Need:

  • A few sheets of parchment or cream-colored paper
  • A black or brown marker
  • A glass bottle

  1. Tear pieces of parchment or cream-colored paper around the edges to make them look worn.
  2. You can lightly singe the edges with matches or a lighter to add effect, too, but be careful! Only do this over the sink so you can drop the paper and extinguish it, if necessary.
  3. Using the samples below or your own ideas, write a clue that leads to a location on each piece of paper.
  4. If preschoolers are participating, you will have to either find a helper to assist them with reading the clues or draw pictures of the locations of subsequent clues.
  5. For instance, you could draw a skull and crossbones on a picture of a tree to indicate that the clue is by a tree.
  6. On the day of the party, roll up the clues and hide them in the appropriate spots starting with the last clue and working backwards.
  7. Roll up the first clue, and push it halfway into the neck of an empty glass bottle.
  8. Place the cake or other prize out of sight, and bring it out just before the children arrive at the last clue. (Ideally, the last clue should take them to the cake table.)

Sample Clues:
  • To find the next clue and recover your loot,
    look in a closet for an old winter boot.
  • If it's cake that you seek, then please don't despair,
    for you'll find the next note at the top of the stair.
  • Now hobble along like old Long John himself;
    you'll find your next clue on a high kitchen shelf.
  • Now even old sea dogs as ancient as me,
    like to take baths after a long year at sea!
  • If you're looking for Captain, he's up on the bridge,
    but if it's a clue that you seek, it's stuck to the fridge.
  • I hope that you find it, 'cause the treasure is grand.
    Look in the cabinet with the food that is canned.
  • I've a ring in my ear and a scarf on my head,
    and now you must look by the foot of the bed...
  • To the front door-run quick as a rabbit,
    for waiting on children, pirates aren't in the habit!
  • The sea air is salty and the winter is cold;
    the treasure you seek is on a table, I'm told.

At the Party:

Have someone appear with the bottle containing the first clue and tell the guests that you just received word that pirates have stolen the cake. It's up to them to follow the clues to find it!