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Ocean Quiz

Ocean Quiz

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At the Party:

  1. Divide your guests into two teams.
  2. Set a time limit for answering each question (e.g. 30 seconds).
  3. Ask one team a question from the list below, then ask the other team a question, and so on, alternating back and forth until you've read through the list.
  4. Award points to the teams when they answer their questions correctly.
  5. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Ocean Quiz Questions:
  1. I am an animal with claws, and I walk sideways on the sand. What am I? (Answer: Crab)
  2. I'm a long fish that looks like a snake. (Answer: Eel)
  3. I have long, stringy, stinging tentacles that trail behind my body. (Answer: Jellyfish)
  4. If you break off one of my five arms, it will grow back. (Answer: Starfish)
  5. I'm the largest animal in the sea, but I'm not a fish; I'm a mammal. (Answer: Whale)
  6. I have big eyes and lots of arms with suction cups on them. (Answer: Octopus)
  7. I'm a long, wavy green plant that lives in the ocean. (Answer: Seaweed)
  8. I'm much too small for you to ride, but part of my name is the same as a much bigger farm animal that could carry you. (Answer: Seahorse)
  9. I'm an animal that lives in a shell. When I get too big for this portable house of mine, I find a new one. You probably saw me in the movie "The Little Mermaid." (Answer: Hermit Crab)
  10. I am a mammal that lives in the ocean. I communicate using clicks and whistle sounds. If you need a hint, I am the animal in the movie "Flipper." (Answer: Dolphin)
  11. I am a fish with whiskers. (Answer: Catfish)
  12. I am a meat-eating fish with very sharp teeth. (Answer: Shark)
  13. I am the shellfish in which you find pearls. (Answer: Oyster)
  14. I'm an orange-colored fish that you find in ponds and in bowls on people's counters. (Answer: Goldfish)
  15. I'm a funny black and white bird that lives near the ocean but doesn't fly! (Answer: Penguin)
  16. I'm a playful sea creature that spends lots of time on rocks. You may see me balancing a ball on my nose at the zoo. (Answer: Seal)