Mouth of the Whale

Mouth of the Whale

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What You'll Need:

  • 1 Large Cardboard Box (i.e. big enough for kids to crawl through)
  • An X-Acto Knife or Scissors
  • A Dark Blue Marker
  • A Stereo
  • A CD of Children's Songs


Cut openings on either side of the cardboard box so that the children can walk or crawl through it. Draw a whale on both of the uncut sides of the box with the mouth facing one opening and the tail facing the other.

At the Party:

Line the children up, one behind the other, in front of the whale. Station an adult by the stereo to start and stop the music randomly. When the music starts playing, the first of your "little fish" crawls through the mouth of the whale and out the back. The next child in line follows the first, and so on until the music is stopped. The child who is in the whale when the music stops is caught.

Determining the Winner:

For Younger Children . . . Since younger children may not be able to handle competitive games, ensure that every child gets caught in the whale at some point so that everyone wins. This will require the adult playing the music to pay attention to who's gotten caught already so he or she can stop the music at appropriate intervals. You may wish to give each child who is caught a sticker.

For Older Children . . . The child who is caught is out for the remainder of the game. Continue playing until only one child remains in the game and is named the winner.