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Rainbow Dash's Fashion Relay

Rainbow Dash's Fashion Relay

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What You'll Need:

  • Dance music and a music player
  • Dress-up clothes including at least two each of the following: dresses (adult-sized), shoes, hats, costume or toy jewelry, gloves, purses and sunglasses
  • Two bins or large bags
  • Masking tape

  1. Divide the clothing evenly into two bins so that each bin has at least one dress, one pair of shoes, one hat, one piece of fake jewelry, one pair of gloves and one pair of sunglasses. Note: Use adult clothes that can easily be pulled over a child's current outfit.
  2. Create a runway by marking the floor with two pieces of masking tape so that the pieces are about 2-feet apart and 20-feet long.
  3. Have the music plugged in and on standby.

At the Party:
  1. Divide the party guests into two teams. Have each team choose a team name.
  2. Instruct the children that they are going to compete in a fashion show relay race!
  3. When you start the music, each team must work together to dress the first model on their team in their dress, shoes, hat, jewelry, gloves and sunglasses. Then, that model must gallop down the runway up and back. No running is allowed.
  4. When the first model completes their gallop down the runway and back, they must quickly take off their costume and help dress the next model.
  5. Every teammate must gallop the runway once until one team finishes first and is declared the winner.
  6. Be sure to take some pictures during the fashion show!

Note: If you have an uneven amount of players, instruct one person on the team with the fewest players to go twice.