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What You'll Need:

  • A Broomstick to Use as the "Limbo Stick"
  • A CD Player
  • A Calypso or Other Tropical Music CD

How to Play:
  1. Have two adults hold either end of the limbo stick, setting it at a height that guests can easily pass under.
  2. Arrange the guests into a single-file line and have them dance their way under the stick without knocking or touching it.
  3. All players who successfully pass under the stick can join the end of the line, but any players who touch the stick, fall down, or use their hands to keep balance are out of the game.
  4. Once all of the players have passed under the limbo stick once, lower the stick a "notch" and have them pass under it again.
  5. Continue lowering the stick after each complete pass, eliminating players with every round.
  6. When the stick has been lowered to the point that only one person remains and can successfully pass under, this player wins the game.

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