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Hula Dancing

Hula Dancing

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Hula began as a sacred dance reserved for religious ceremonies, but has progressed to a beautiful and entertaining performance art enjoyed by the masses. Every movement in hula symbolizes something specific, such as an animal or flower. Put together, the hand and hip gestures of a hula dancer can tell a variety of mesmerizing stories.

For a special touch to your child's luau party, set up a Halau Hula (Hula School) in your living room. To get started, look for an instructional video or DVD online or at a larger bookstore, a video rental store, or your local library. You may also consider hiring a local Kumu Hula (hula teacher) to come to the party and give a brief lesson.

If any of the children aren't interested in learning how to hula, give them drums, tambourines, or other simple instruments, and have them assist with a Mele (a song accompanying a hula dance).