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What You'll Need:

  • Balloon Swords (see our Balloon Sword Fights activity for instructions)
  • 2 Shields (see our Shield Making activity for instructions)
  • Two Helmets (bicycle or other)
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Hobby Horses (optional)

  1. Create several balloon swords using the directions from our Balloon Sword Fights activity. (You will want one for every child participating, plus a few extras in case any pop.)
  2. Create two shields using the directions from our Shield Making activity.
  3. Cover the two helmets with aluminum foil.

At the Party:
  1. Select two guests to be the first knights to joust.
  2. Proclaim them Sir [1st guest's name] and Sir [2nd guest's name] as you place their jousting helmets on and secure them.
  3. Hand each knight his trusty stead (i.e. hobby horse, if desired), a shield and a lance (i.e. balloon sword).
  4. Have a "lady of the castle" drop her handkerchief to signal the start of the jousting match.
  5. Each knight should then charge toward his opponent at a gallop and attempt to break his opponent's lance or knock it from his hand.
  6. If they both miss, they must turn and charge again.
  7. The victorious knight is the one still holding an un-popped balloon at the end of the jousting match, and he may choose his next challenger.
  8. Play until everyone has taken a turn.
  9. The overall winner may be determined by who wins the last match OR by who survived the most rounds.