Balloon Swords

Balloon Swords

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What You'll Need:

  • Several Modeling Balloons
  • A Balloon Pump
  • Our Balloon Sword Diagram (shown below; click the image to download a full-page version)


Create a balloon sword for each of your guests the morning of the party. You may want to create a few extras in case any of them pop.

Each balloon sword is composed of three parts:

Sword Handle

Before inflating, give the balloon a good stretch by tugging at either end. Next, insert the balloon pump into the mouth of the balloon, and hold the balloon onto the pump while you're inflating it. Inflate the balloon until it's about 3/4 full, leaving a tail that's approximately 2" long. If needed, let a little bit of air out, and then knot the balloon as shown in step 1 of the diagram below.

Next you will need to make a "Tulip Twist" at the knotted end of the balloon. To do this, hold the knotted end of the balloon with your left hand, and then push the knot into the balloon with the index finger of your right hand (see step 2 below). Then, use your left hand to pinch the sides of the balloon until you're grasping the knot inside the balloon (see step 3 below). Hold the knot tightly with the thumb and index finger of your left hand, and then carefully pull your right index finger out of the balloon. With your right hand, twist the balloon three times to make sure it stays twisted (see step 4 below). To finish the handle, grasp the balloon about 3" to 4" below the tulip knot, and twist it about five times to form a four" bubble (see step 5 below).

Handle Guard

To make the handle guard, pinch off four 2"-sections, and twist each section three times to hold it in place. Twist the two bubbles farthest from the tulip twist together, forming one side of the handle guard, as shown in step 7 below. Then, bring that section to the twist between the handle and the first 2"-bubble, and lock twist several times.

Sword Blade

The remaining straight portion of the balloon forms the blade of the sword (see step 8 below).

At the Party:

Divide the children into pairs for balloon sword battles. You can give them character names, such as Arthur and Lancelot, Pan and Hook, or anything that fits your party theme. Alternatively, you can divide the group into two big teams.