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Cut the Pie

Cut the Pie

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What You'll Need:

  • Sidewalk Chalk
  • Spray Paint

  1. Draw a large circle on the driveway using sidewalk chalk, or on the grass using spray paint.
  2. The circle should be about 20'–40' in diameter.
  3. Divide it into 8 pie slices by drawing 4 lines that intersect at the center of the circle.

At the Party:
  1. Select one player to be "it."
  2. Until the game begins, this player should stand in the center of the pie.
  3. The other players should stand along the outside line.
  4. To start, the player in the center yells, "Go," and then tries to catch one of the other players; the other players should try to avoid being caught.
  5. The only rule is that all players may only run along the lines drawn on the ground.
  6. If a player steps off of a line or is tagged by the child that is "it," the tagged player becomes "it," and the game begins again.
  7. Play as many rounds as desired.

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