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Basic Training

Basic Training

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Before the Party:

Set up a 'Basic Training" obstacle course that your guests must navigate. Use the obstacle suggestions below, or come up with your own!

  1. Rope Climb - Securely tie a rope to a tree, swing set, or other stable anchor. Tie knots in the rope every 12 to 18 inches. Tie a bell or other noise maker to the top. Your guests must climb to the top of the rope and ring the bell before climbing back down and heading to the next obstacle.
  2. The Crawl - You will need eight 5-gallon buckets and four poles or long boards. Attach a 5-gallon bucket to each end of a pole or board and set them out in a row at three-foot intervals. Your guests must crawl under all of them on their bellies to move to the next obstacle.
  3. Hoop Run - Set out 6 inflatable pool rings or hula hoops in a line on the ground, two by two. Your guests must hop one foot in one hoop, then the other foot in the next hoop, and so on down the line.
  4. Step Up - You will need 8 stakes and 4 pieces of string. Set two stakes in the ground, about 4 feet apart, and tie a string between them that rests 6 inches off the ground. About 18 inches away, set up the next set of stakes in the same way. Continue until there is a series of hurdles set up in a row. Your guests must hop over the strings on their way to the next obstacle.
  5. Covert Movements - Gather large cardboard boxes (appliance boxes work well), and set them up randomly in a space around 10'x30'. Your guests must move between the boxes without touching them on their way to the next obstacle.

At the Party:

You can operate this activity in one of two ways. You could send all your guests out at once, so they can work together to get every person across the finish line, or you could send each guest out one-by-one, record how long it takes them to finish the course, and award a prize to first place.