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Viper Mission

Viper Mission

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How to Play:

  1. Explain to the children that in this game of tag, the person who is 'it" must slither on their stomach like a snake to tag the other players.
  2. The catch is that the other children have only a small playing area in which to run.
  3. Describe the boundaries of the playing area and make it fairly small.
  4. Then, choose a person to be the snake and have her/him lie on the ground on her/his stomach.
  5. All the other players should stand close to the snake and try to touch her/him.
  6. When you shout "snake in the grass!" everyone starts running, but they must stay inside the playing area boundaries.
  7. The snake, moving on her/his belly, tries to tag as many players as possible.
  8. Anyone tagged becomes a snake, too.
  9. The last person caught is the first snake in the next round of the game.