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Sensei Freeze Tag

Sensei Freeze Tag

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How to Play:

  1. Before you start the game, make sure the children know what the boundaries are (i.e. your backyard or one room in your house).
  2. Then, select someone to be the sensei, which means teacher.
  3. You may want to let the birthday child go first. Everyone else will be students.
  4. Once the game begins, sensei's goal is to freeze all of the students by tagging them.
  5. Once they have been tagged, the children must stand still with their legs shoulder-width apart until either another student crawls between their legs or everyone has been frozen by sensei.
  6. If an untagged child crawls between the legs of another frozen child, that player is unfrozen and can rejoin the game.
  7. Play continues until sensei has frozen all of the students.
  8. The last person to be frozen will be sensei during the next round.