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Karate Balloon Battle

Karate Balloon Battle

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  1. Give each child a balloon to blow up and tie off.
  2. Have the children turn their balloons into samurai or ninjas by drawing funny faces on the balloons with markers.
  3. If your guests are mostly younger children, blow up and decorate the balloons before the party.
  4. For added fun give the children inflatable samurai swords to use while they battle their balloons.

How to Play:
  1. To start the game, have the children stand in a line, shoulder-to-shoulder, while holding their balloon 'warriors."
  2. Then, when you yell "Go!" the children throw their balloons in the air.
  3. They must keep their balloons in the air for as long as possible by batting at them with their hands, heads, knees, feet, etc. If a child's balloon touches the floor, he/she is out of the "battle."
  4. The last player with his balloon still in the air has won the "battle" and is the winner of the game.