Jewel Hunt

Photo of a Girl in a Field

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This game is similar to an Easter egg hunt except the children will be searching for jewels to keep. This activity is a lot of fun for younger children.

What You'll Need:

Note: If the grass is wet, you may want to hide the jewels in plastic Easter Eggs to keep them clean.

  1. Designate an area of your backyard or a grassy area as the playing field.
  2. Then, toss the jewels evenly around the field.

At the Party:
  1. Give each child a favor bag.
  2. Tell the children they are going on a jewel hunt and that they can keep what they find.
  3. Each child is allowed to find five items and then they must return to you.
  4. They are allowed to help their friends find jewels and they can trade too.

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