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Hunt for Allspark


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The Autobots and Decepticons are locked in battle. Take sides and find the magical Allspark in this fun Transformers party game that will lead you to the prize!

What You'll Need:
  • Index cards or slips of paper
  • A Pen or Marker
  • A box
  • Transformers favors or a prize


  • Fill the box with your Transformers favor bags or prizes and wrap it in brown paper. Draw runes and other markings on the box to make it resemble the All Spark cube.

  • Write clues on index cards or on slips of paper. You can use the clues we have provided below or come up with your own.

  • Starting at the party favor location, work backwards, leaving clues at the locations described by previous clues.

  • Hide the All Spark box somewhere near the food table.

At the Party:

  1. Have someone appear with the first clue and tell the children that the Decepticons have stolen the All Spark, and that it's up to all the party guests to follow the clues to recover the cube!

  2. Read the first clue out loud, and then let the children follow the trail of clues to the food table.

  3. When the children are one or two clues away from the end, remove the favor box from its hiding place, and put it on the food table (i.e. the final destination).

Sample Clues:

  1. The All Spark is missing! It's hidden from view. If you want your party favors, then here's what you do: Follow the clues; they'll lead you to more. To find your next clue, look by the front door!

  2. It's a clue that you want, a clue you expect, so look by the steps that lead to the deck.

  3. You'll have a clue to keep and to hold, if you go to the place where you keep food cold.

  4. Now quick as a wink, look by the sink!

  5. As fast as you can, there's no time to slouch, you'll find your next clue by the living room couch.

  6. In the front yard, you'll find an oak tree. If you look all around, it's a clue you will see.

  7. It's a clue that you want, a clue that you see. Go to the grill, and take a close peek.

  8. Seek and search; peek and snoop. Look very carefully by the basketball hoop.

  9. The next clue is simple; it's not hard at all. Look near the closet in the front hall.

  10. A clue, a clue, now where could it be? I think there might be one by the TV.