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Hogwarts Cake Hunt

Snitch Pattern

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What You'll Need:


Print a few copies of our Snitch Clue Pattern, cut out the golden snitches, and write your clues on them. You can use the sample clues below and/or make your own clues! Hide each clue in its appropriate spot, working backwards from where you will hide the birthday cake.

Sample Clues:
  • Harry's a Wizard; Hermione's a Witch. Follow the clues that look like a Snitch!
  • The first clue is easy for ickle firsties; just look in the place you go when you're thirsty.
  • You've found one clue, and you want some more? Look for a clue on the back of a door.
  • Nick thinks you can; he knows you are able. Now look in the kitchen; I'd try by the table!
  • One twin is George and the other is Fred; they have left you a clue in the backyard shed.
  • Hogwarts has doors with portraits as locks; to unlock your clue, look in the mailbox.
  • Winky's an elf that belongs to old Crouch; now quick as a Winky, look by the couch!

At the Party:

Tell your guests that Peeves the Poltergeist has played another one of his nasty tricks by hiding the birthday cake! He has left clues that will lead the children to the hidden cake, if they can figure them out. Hand the children the first clue, and tell them to follow the trail until they find the missing cake. For a simple transition into serving the birthday cake, the clues should lead back to the cake table.

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