Wits and Consequences

Wits and Consequences

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What You'll Need:

  • A Bag of Latex Balloons (at least 2 per guest)
  • Strips of Paper (at least 2 per guest)
  • 2 Large Trash Bags
  • A Pen or Marker


Take half of the strips of paper, and write a different question on each. If this is a theme-based slumber party, questions should be related to the theme. Otherwise, keep it to general questions about popular T.V. shows, cartoons, or movies.

Place each strip of paper inside of a balloon. Blow the balloons up and tie them off, making sure that the questions are visible inside. Label the two large trash bags "A" and "B," and then place all of the balloons in bag "A."

Grab the second set of papers, and write some silly tasks on them, such as, "Rub your tummy and pat your head at the same time," or "Strut and cluck like a chicken three times." Place these inside the remaining balloons, blow them up, tie them off, and drop them into bag "B."

At the Party:

Let each child take a turn pulling a balloon out of bag "A" and reading the question contained inside out loud. Each child should try to answer the question he or she selected. If the question is answered correctly, give the child a small prize. If your guest can't give the correct answer, he or she must reach into bag "B," grab a balloon, and perform the silly task inside. If the child performs the task, award him or her a small prize.

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