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Frog Detective

Frog Detective

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You will need one index card for each guest. Write the letter D on one card, the letter F on one card and the letter X on all the remaining cards.

How to Play:

  1. This game works well with 6 or more players.
  2. Have all the children sit a circle, and pass out the index cards.
  3. Whoever gets the card with a D is the detective, and that child sits in the center of the circle.
  4. Whoever gets the card with an F is the frog.
  5. The rest of the children will have an X on their card, which means they are the flies.
  6. The frog sits in the circle with everyone else, and keeps his/her identity secret.
  7. When the game begins, the frog can 'eat" the flies by sticking out his/her tongue.
  8. The frog makes sure the detective isn't looking and then sticks his/her tongue out really fast.
  9. If any of the flies sees him/her they must fall on the floor and die.
  10. The detective tries to figure out who is the frog by watching carefully.
  11. The frog can stick his/her tongue out as long and as many times as he/she wants.
  12. If the frog can eat all the flies except for one, the frog wins.
  13. If the detective can identify the frog, then the detective wins.
  14. Collect the cards, pass them out again, and start the game over.