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What You'll Need:

  • One or More Copies of our Fire Token Pattern
  • Scissors
  • Several Brown Paper Bags


Before the party, print out at least one copy of our Fire Token pattern. Each copy has 12 tokens, and you will want to have at least 2 tokens per guest.

Cut out each token using a pair of scissors. Hide them in various places around the party area. For older children, make them more difficult to find. For younger children, you may want to place them in more obvious locations.

At the Party:

Divide the children into groups of two. Hold up a token to show everyone, and explain that there are several fires around the party area. Each group of two is a "Fire Rescue Squad," and is responsible for extinguishing (i.e. collecting) as many of the fire tokens as they can find in 3 minutes. The only catch is that each squad must hold hands the whole time!

Give each group a bag in which to collect tokens, and have them hold hands. When everyone's ready, say, "Go!" Use a timer or a watch to keep track of the time.

Once time is up, have all groups come back to the starting area. Count the number of tokens in each team's bag. The rescue squad(s) to extinguish the most fires wins! If you wish, you can award a prize or prizes to the team(s) that collect the most tokens.